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Sunday 14 August 2022
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November 2014

Perugia (PG) - Saturday, November 29, Third Meeting: 16:00 Commeda of San Giustino d'Arna. San Giustino d'Arna: Preceptory of Templar Commandery of the Order of Malta. Architectural study of a settlement monastic knights. ARNA TEMPLAR - CONFERENCES from October to December. Lectures and guided tours in the area Arnate. Free admission www.arnatemplare.it
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Montecchio (TR) - Municipalities Orvieto participating MARATHON OIL are Basque and Montecchio. The Sunday, November 30th there will be specific initiatives with exhibition stands, oil, local products and crafts. The event is a container thematic initiatives of various types for the enhancement and promotion of the territory of 10 municipalities in the province of Terni who focused agricultural production olive oil. Info: Promo Voice Mind "Marathon Oil" www.maratonadellolio.it Tel. 0744.220853 Tel. ...
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Perugia (PG) - Sunday, November 30 in Perugia, Via del Castellano 2 / a (trav. Corso Cavour, behind the church of San Domenico) - 17:30 THEATRE FIGURE PERUGIA 2014-2015 The Flea and the skinny elf in beretto. Ortoteatro. The Tales of Sunday. Puppet shows and Puppet single ticket € 6,50 - reduced children € 6.00 - Opening Ticket: 16.30 Performances and workshops are organized by the TIEFFEU and take place in the garden of puppetry Info: Tel 075 5725845
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