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Sunday 07 August 2022
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Video Contest III mountain

Terni (TR) - The Association Stefano Zavka and the Italian Alpine Club Sec. of Terni "Stefano Zavka" as part of the film festival mountain "Views of Summits 2014 - Sixth Edition", organized the third edition of the competition for video works mountain concerning issues related to the mountain, adventure, exploration.

The video works, to be eligible for the competition, they must have a maximum duration of 20 minutes. The selected works will be projected during the day of January 26, 2014 closing of the festival of mountain films "Views of Summits 2014 - Sixth Edition", during which the winners will be announced.

The works accepted in the competition will be evaluated by the Jury. Will be awarded to the top three winners, who will be recognized respectively in prize money, the entity which will be decided later, and in any case before the days of the festival. The first prize will be dedicated and named "Valentino Paparelli", founding member of the Stephen Zavka and socio CAI Section of Terni.
The authors of the works usefully classified will be notified of the outcome of the evaluation of the Jury, exclusively by e-mail, prior to the final round.

Entries to the competition will go expressed by sending an e-mail (zavka@hotmail.it) of the application form annexed to this Regulation. The board will have to be submitted NO LATER THAN the day 11/11/2013
The works must be submitted in n. 5 copies, NO LATER THAN the day 20/12/2013, ONLY on DVD. The shipment of the material submitted for registration and paid by the participant. The works will be delivered or mailed to the following address:
Association Stefano Zavka Viale G. No leopards. 18 05100 Terni (TR).

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