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Sunday 07 August 2022
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Digital photography course and culture of the artistic image

Terni (TR) - From October 2 will start the fourth edition of the digital photography course and culture of the artistic image.
The course will last for three months and will take place one evening per week, on Wednesdays, from 21.15 to 23.30

The lessons are designed with discussions and comparisons,
are structured according to a well-planned program then open up to readings of photographic shots of professionals and the students themselves.

The location of the course is to Coworking in Terni, Corso Tacitus 5.
First, a structure equipped with wi-fi and projector.
For each lesson will be given a slide in PDF format of the subject.

The course is offered by our cultural association at the same discounted price last year, € 249.00 and is structured as follows:

___Prima Part (8 lessons)
1) The trigger (all you need to know to do it right ... click!)
The camera / The composition of the image / The use of light / depth of field / Time and Aperture / Exposure.
2) Fundamentals photographic culture and figurative, with examples from the history of art and photography
Examples from the classics of the history of photography (HC Bresson, R. Avedon, E. Weston, A. Adams, ...) / Threads from examples from art history / theory threads on photography.

___Seconda Part (6 lessons)
The post production (how to optimize photos in Adobe Photoshop)
Introducing Photoshop / file management / basic operations / management brightness and contrast / levels / main tools.

In addition we will photographic output with the teacher in a location near Terni.

The course will also includes two additional lessons that we call "Talk with the photographer"
In fact, we will invite two photographers who will tell us their story in a beautiful evening of discussion and storytelling.

For registration and further information, please write to use this segreteria@umbrialab.it email or call 0744.405029.
It 'also active on our website at the following address: http://www.umbrialab.it/?p=213

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