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Monday 08 August 2022
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Micro Counseling - Course of 30 hours

Todi (PG) - MICROCOUNSELING - Introductory course to the skills of listening - 30 hours. Next session in January 2014. The course provides guidance and experience useful for understanding the effectiveness and learn the basic skills of counseling.


who, for professional and / or personal, is motivated to improve their relational skills
Who carries out its activities in contact with the public: front office, reception and all those who work in fields that require strong social skills
professionals who use the interpersonal relationship as a tool of their work and who want to enrich the repertoire of communication skills
professionals who need to use advanced methods in communication
Students who wish to approach the world of the helping professions
those wishing to aquire practical means of self-support and effective communication.


Introduction to counseling
communication: information and report
know how to listen: the emotional resonance, empathy
respect, responsibility
know how to listen: to give and receive feedback
boundaries, needs
perceptions, emotions, thoughts
stages of the interview: to accept, understand, support, verify
the setting: physical and emotional space
the alliance, the objectives, the contract


Strengthen the development of socio-relational skills (life skills)
Provide tools to increase listening skills (active listening)
To promote the development of useful tools all'autosostegno (empowerment)
Facilitate and support the growth motivational, in the professional and personal
Stimulate an overall view of the decision-making processes for higher capacity choices.

Structure of the course

Each meeting is structured in three different teaching units:

theoretical form, is expected to de-depth content and principles that are the foundation of the practical work.
Exercise: testing of listening techniques.
experiential workshop, is favored sharing between the participants and the testing of communicative function.


The course is designed to give you the opportunity to "experience". 70% of the time is devoted to the development of new skills and takes place through practical experience, 30% of the time is devoted to the contextualization of the experience through the acquisition of knowledge.

The cost of the entire course is € 300,00, which include the annual membership all'Aspic. The attendance is recognized in the number of hours of professional Master's degree in counseling.
How to register

Payment by bank transfer (send a copy by e-mail) 70 €

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