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Sunday 07 August 2022
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Perugia (PG) - Friday 4 and Saturday, April 5th, 2014 at Morley staged the ballet Giselle. Eugenio Scigliano, the author of this Giselle, made his debut in 1986 in the Balletto di Toscana and then tackle solo experience in Inglese National Ballet.

To deal with Giselle, the cornerstone and synthesis of Romanticism choreography, Eugene Scigliano returns directly to the sources of literary and poetic ballet that much suggestionarono Theophile Gauthier in writing the scenario for Giselle. "Rethinking the trace of the ballet, Scigliano leads the story in the Victorian age, in a school that resembles very closely the Appleyard College of Picnic at Hanging Rock, where we educate young girls from good families with rigid rituals carefully designed to stifle passions, but which is also enough to put contact the innocence of the feelings of the young people with the ambiguity cynical adult to blow a deep and unsettling conflict between truth and conventions. In this ... transfiguration of reality - the eternal present and at the same time as its emotional dynamics, in its psychological portraits, in his 'games of role' which is still the record we recorded tragically-Scigliano is guided by the music of Adam and addressing the challenge of a page 'absolute' balletic repertoire is his personal, coherent response to the story, which offers its unmistakable style and sensibility of an artist able to record subtle nuances in the heart of the gestures and movements of broad theatrical. "(Silvia Poletti)

Music Adolphe Adam
drama, directed and choreographed by Eugene Scigliano
Carlo Cerri lights in collaboration with Andrea Narese
Saints Rinciari costumes made by Mill of Fashion and Costume

Characters and interpreters
Giselle: Laura screeds / Lucia Zimmardi
Educator: Mirko De Campi / Luca Cesa
Governess Giovanna Pagone / Clare Afilani / Eleanor Bell.
Schoolgirls: White Afilani, Sophie Barili, Julia Cell, Martina Consoli, Elena Martinelli, Eleanor Peppers, Myriam Tome Lucia Zimmardi / Giorgia Dragon, NC Giornelli, missing Sofia, Elena Pera.
Students: Joseph Warm, Luca Cesa, Lorenzo Savino, Alberto Tardanico, John Mink / Donato Barrel, John Cheat.

A production company Junior Balletto di Toscana, directed by Cristina Bozzolini
Tuscan School Dance Association / Institution of Higher Professional Education
in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Vicenza and the Veneto Regional Theatre Circuit Arteven


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