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Sunday 02 October 2022
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Perugia (PG) -

#Masterchoc. #Eurochocolate The theme is vintage but looks ahead. It is no coincidence then that Expo 2015 will be dedicated to some appointments to the tip of the twenty-first edition of the event, in Perugia October 17 to 26 next. "We will not make cakes to none" is the ironic slogan of the event, accompanied by a colorful image of women, inspired by the '50 / '60, with a texture in pastel tones that, in addition to bon ton, reminiscent of chocolates, pralines , cup cake, cupcakes, cakes, treats and candy when we were kids. A curious set that evokes the everyday family.

"We want to broaden the concept of sweetness that distinguishes our event," says Eugenio Guarducci, president of Eurochocolate. "With the help of expert chocolatiers and pastry chefs - anticipates -, visitors can interact directly with the raw material chocolate."

Identified by Expo 2015 as a project advisor and cultural Cluster of Cocoa and Chocolate, will Eurochocolate in Perugia, some significant advances of his presence at the World Expo in Milan. Among these, an exhibition that will herald the content delCluster and a day during which the countries represented in the cluster will be invited to present their program of activities.

Fulcrum 2014 edition of the festival of chocolate will be the largest Polo Masterchoc set up in Piazza IV Novembre. Inside will be held every day courses and practical workshops organized in collaboration with the University of Perugia Flavours which will provide Chef and teachers to reveal to insiders and visitors the secrets of the world of chocolate. There will be live performances and show cooking with the special participation of special guests like Madalina Pometescu and Chef Love Giancarlo Polito.

Go back, even for the edition 2014, the consolidated appointment with #Eurochocolate World, the special section of the festival dedicated to Perugia cocoa producing countries in the world, sponsored by ICCO, International Organization CoCoa and Fair Trade Italy. An important opportunity to discover art, culture and traditions of the major cocoa producing countries through conferences, tastings and unique educational play activities for children.

The international summit In the hearth of Chocolate will facilitate the comparison among producers of cocoa and chocolate from around the world.

A Eurochocolate 2014 also renews the appointment with cultural Chocolate with the Author, traditional literary review with Italian and foreign writers who will talk about their latest live literary labors, anecdotes, trivia and refined tasting hot chocolate.

A delight their palate of the visitors will think the inevitable chocolate sculptures. During the festival sweet, unrivaled sculptors transform huge blocks of chocolate in one cubic meter each in original as delicious works of art, inspired by the theme strictly Masterchoc.

In addition to dictating the claim, Masterchoc will be featured with the tasty signature line Manufacturers Of Sweetness: from Chocopen, the Sac à poche, the convenient preparations for making cakes, chosen from a wide range of proposals to combine practicality with a passion for good food .

Inevitable also Choco Gadget that will offer fun everyday objects and in particular those dedicated to the kitchen: silicone molds for cakes, cup cacke, kitchen timer, boards, hooks, designer textiles, gloves, aprons and much more.

New entries among the big Eurochocolate Barilla is the new "Focaccelle" to enjoy a pleasant break during the festival of salty sweetness. For the first time, Chocolate, makes his entrance also Thun, a leader in the field of decorative and gift ideas. Among the confirmations, significant and appreciated the presence of Baileys Coffee and Chocolate Luxe River that will present to the public a sample of latte art.

Do not make cakes for anyone, the 2014 edition of the International Festival of Chocolate will be celebrated even in #Chocostore by Eurochocolate Perugia, Assisi, Dawn, Acireale, Neptune, Lecce, Pisa, Power, Orvieto, Verona, Girona, Lucca, Bologna , Siena and Naples.

From October 17 to 26, Eurochocolate waiting for you in Perugia!

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