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Monday 08 August 2022
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Show: Waterfall From the Tiber. Pictures, books and business. Umbria Water Festival

Terni (TR) -

Thursday, May 16, 2013, 16:00
Terni - Palace of Spring, via Giordano Bruno, 3

Opening of the Exhibition (on display until Sunday 16th June) at the

Library, State Archives of Terni and the Palace of Spring


From Waterfall to the Tiber. Pictures, books and business

A Follow:

Presentation of the book:
"The commuter rail between Umbria, Marche and Lazio"
(Proceedings of the meeting of 2 March 2012 at the State Archives of Rieti)
presents the volume Prof. Stefano De Cenzo, will be the curator Dr. Roberto Lorenzetti (Director of the State of Rieti)

May 16, 2013 17:00

Literary Café at the Municipal Library of Terni (Republic Square, 1 - TR)



Friday, May 17, 9:30 am
  State Archives - Sala "Gisa Giani" - via Cavour, 28 - Terni


The Black from the Marmore Waterfalls in Narni.
The river as a risk, the river as a resource

9:30 am Greetings
10.00 Miro Virili The waterfall as a problem, as a resource and as a symbol.
10.30 Roberto Lorenzetti The issue of Marmore. Conflicts and works from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century
11.00 Lidia Secci The collection of prints of Marmore of Torquato Secci
11:30 Alberto Sorbini Marmore Falls and the Grand Tour
12.00 Luigi Di Sano The internal channels, the traditional economic activities and Channel Nerino
12.30 Gianni Cattle Water, chemistry and electricity


14.00 Marco Venanzi Water, iron and steel
14.30 Moira Berrettoni Tiber and Nera Velino: navigation projects of the century
15.00 Renato Covino The Waterfall, the Black and the city's identity

15.30 Round table Marmore Falls: an economic resource
Maximum Preite
The UNESCO project
Simone Guerra
Minister of Culture of the Municipality of Terni
Energy Museum and Park Association
Giancarlo Happy
Extraordinary Commissioner of the Province of Rieti
Feliciano Chickens
President of the Province of Terni
Dante D'Angeli
President Mountain Community Turano
President Bill Stephen in The District Municipality of Terni EST
Roberto Fabrini
Councillor for Tourism Municipality of Terni

17.00 Conclusions

Trummino Filippa

  Communication / Public Relations

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                                                                                State Archives of Terni,

Mazzancolli Palace, Via Cavour 28, 05100 Terni

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Stefano Ceccarelli
Secretary AIPAI
Piazzale A. Woods 3 / A
05100 Terni
Tel 0744407187 (ext. 215)

Web www.patrimonioindustriale.it

Piazzale A. Woods 3 / A
05100 Terni
Tel 0744407187 (ext. 215)
Web www.patrimonioindustriale.it


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Fax: 0744 59016
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