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Sunday 07 August 2022
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Renaissance Festival 2014

Acquasparta (TR) - The Feast of the Renaissance, organized Acquasparta (in the province of Terni) since 2000, is a historical re-enactment that pays homage to the Cesi family and the life of Federico Cesi II, Duke of the small Umbrian village and founder of the Accademia dei Lincei.

The program of 2014 which will be held June 5 to 15, includes theater, concerts, culinary competitions on the plates of the Renaissance, a jousting, a parade, the game of the goose in the small square between Contrada and conferences.

Over ten days Acquasparta will be found to be divided into three geographic areas defined, as many Contradas - the Contrada del Ghetto, marked by green flags and blacks, the Contrada di Porta Vecchia, from yellow and blue flags, and the Contrada St. Christopher, white and blue flags from - that will vie for the Palio after the final challenge in the four races: the cuisine, the animation, the Palio of the Lynx and the Game of the Goose.

From June 6 then it will be possible to taste theme in the taverns of the districts, open every evening.

Info: 347.6503053. 0744.944822

Web: www.ilrinascimentoadacquasparta.it

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