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Sunday 07 August 2022
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Medieval Spring in Bevagna

Bevagna (PG) - To open the celebrations Medieval Spring, which takes place May 1 to 4, and the anticipation of the event that is more consolidated, the Mercato delle Gaite, which will take place June 19 to 29. The Medieval Spring is now a fixture of the event, to which the audience responded with great interest and curiosity.

Scheduled to reopen to the public taverns Gaite and the circuit of medieval crafts in the background of touring shows of giullaria and medieval music. Power Point: Medieval Night, scheduled for Saturday, May 3. Opening the concert medieval "Thousand merzè: love, songs and dances of the fourteenth century Italian" in the Church of Santa Maria Laurentia. Afterwards, falconry displays and exhibition of medieval archery in Piazza Silvestri by Arcatores Mevania.

To conclude the concert ensemble "Micrologus" at the Lodges of the Covered Market. Among the many initiatives we remember the round table on the theme "1989-2014: Twenty-five years of the Middle Ages rebuilt. The Market of the Gaite between past and future "introduced and coordinated by Professor Franco Franceschi, scientific advisor of the Market of the Gaite, which will be held on Saturday 03 May, at 17.00, in the Church of Santa Maria Laurentia.

Thanks to the competence with which research is conducted and the reconstruction of the material life of the Middle Ages, the Medieval Spring is a cultural event of high profile and unparalleled quality.

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