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Sunday 02 October 2022
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"Ben Venga Maggio" in Collescipoli

Terni (TR) - Terni, loc. Collescipoli. Related to the veneration of St Nicolò, who is still much loved among the local population, the Ben Venga Maggio event of Collescipoli will run from May 6th to 16th with a combination of religious and secular appointments. Besides the solemn religious procession through the streets of the old town centre, there will be a series of attractions focussing on reliving scenes and situations from when Collescipoli was a fortress in the Middle Ages. The old town centre will be alive with street performers, damsels, knights, dancing, fairs and culinary tastings, all culminating in the procession in period costume and the Palio dell’Arco joust between the Rocca, Torre and Tre Fontane districts – inspired by the historical episode of the freeing of Collescipoli from the vassalage of the powerful Spada family in Terni, which took place on November 22nd 1564.
Info: 0744.423047, e-mail info@iat.terni.it.

[Source: Orvieto OnLine]


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