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Sunday 07 August 2022
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Twinning-Eraldo Chiucchiù

Deruta (PG) - Eraldo Chiucchiù with the exhibition "twinning-Ceramic Sculpture", by Marinella Caputo, will be on display at the Regional Museum of Ceramics, Largo San Francesco, from 25 May to 23 June 2013
Opening hours: from Wednesday to Sunday 10:30 to 13:00, 15:00 to 18:00

The exhibition twinning concerning the work of the last three years of the artist from Deruta Eraldo Chiucchiù who wanted to create a cycle of composite sculptures, inspired by the geological phenomenon of twinning. In some minerals are formed crystalline aggregates multiple geometric shapes that assume a definitely suggestive, as amazing natural sculptures.
The artist has achieved with the ceramic, subjected to specific and repeated procedures, the effect of geological crystal twinning, quoting the tactile quality and color, as well as in the presence of geometric solids.
The mimetic interpretation of the natural elements found in the abstraction of geometry and dynamic tension in its ideal form.
The art of ceramics and majolica in particular uses of substances from land and potters, as the alchemists, investigate the properties of metals. The artist alludes to the metal components and minerals used in glazes and clays, going back to the geological elements and reflecting immense and valuable energy that the earth contains.


Eraldo Chiucchiù was born in 1951 in Deruta where he attended the Art Institute for Ceramics, earning a diploma of applied art and developing a considerable technical expertise that has led him to work for different companies of Deruta majolica.
He had a long career of teaching in art schools of Perugia and Deruta and various professional courses and workshops.
His artistic career began in the early seventies, also thanks to the contact and collaboration with Edgardo sketch, with ceramic sculptures that result from intense technical experiments and stimulating reflections on the plastic form.
The artist has worked with continuity and commitment in the field of ceramics, by deploying it as an expressive medium suitable to make concrete and visible his creative intuition.
Participation in numerous international competitions and solo and group exhibitions demonstrates a recognition of his artistic talent and amazing technical control it exercises over the material.
Eraldo Chiucchiù lives and works in Deruta.

Info: www.circoloprimomaggio.org
Circle Primomaggio - Via G. Bernabei 16-06083 - Bastia Umbra - Perugia - Italy
Mobile. 346 0134774

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