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Sunday 02 October 2022
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Officinae Art # 7 project on the forms of human creativity Attilio Quintilii

Terni (TR) - Officinae Art # 7 project on the forms of human creativity Attilio Quintilii Attilio Quintilii
by Franco Profiles
text by Antonella Pesola
Terni, Palace Eustachi / workshops Art & Deco
Terni, 22-23-24 October 2014
Thursday 23 and Friday, October 24, 2014
Exhibition of work on the premises of the Atelier "Art & Deco"
Saturday, October 25, 2014
Setting up the installation
in the lobby of the Palace Eustachi
starting from 18.00
Presentation of the catalog "officinaed'arte" # 7
Titian Ribiscini Live Electronics
Mark Collazzoni Sax and Flute
In collaboration with
the cultural association of jazz musicians

Under the patronage of the Municipality of Terni
and with the support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Terni and Narni

The exhibition presents recent works by the artist Attilio Quintilii, that in about twenty works summarizes the research undertaken in recent years. The news are provided by terracotta sculptures of the series "Explosions," because the clay is "mined" in the sense of the word. Unusual, unexpected and bizarre are the subsequent results, which are arranged artfully in the living spaces and in charge of the shop Art & Deco Terni. They are fragments, shards of volcanic remote meteorites melted by friction or dangerous war games. A destructive creativity fixed in clay for a moment, a precise instant that the gunpowder ripped a result of a big bang that brings us back to the history of the origins of life. These forms evoke the black color of the time, the fireplace off, the factory closed, dark ancestral cave, a sky without stars lost in the silence of listening. These fragments funny and / or disturbing narrated the short life of a flash of light to solidify in memory of a distant memory.

The "officinaed'arte" opened in 2013, serves under the artistic direction of Franco profiles a series of bi-monthly events dedicated to the development and promotion of artists, artisans and cultural workers active in our area. The event was made ​​possible thanks to a collaboration
public / private shows & Art Deco and CavourArt Association merge distinct and different skills and a deep understanding of what is born and it is stated in the territory in the construction of short and intense events lasting a few hours. Each proposal is the result of collaboration between the artist and the curator of the project and is the occasion for the creation of an event that - staging and hosting of guests taken care of by the heads of Art & Deco, through performances and concerts offered each Once in dialogue and direct relationship with the works on display, ending with tastings offering products, kitchens, bread, wine, beer, swept up among small producers and homes - is an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and knowledge for
hundreds and hundreds of citizens. In times of great difficulty and overall a small working group has designed and built a series of events that are intended to gather the best of what is produced in the area and to offer it in an absolutely informal and festive: a project that uses space outdoor city has to offer - the studio Art & Deco Via Fratti, the lobby and the courtyard of the Palazzo Eustachi - to be open to a curious public, attentive and more
numerous. By virtue of the deep bond that those in charge of the project with the territory, "officinaed'arte" relies on the patronage of the town of Terni and the recognition given by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Terni and Narni aimed at the publication of monographic catalogs published for this series .
In support of "officinaed'arte" has also been active partnership with a major production company in the region, the Farchioni Foligno spa which offers its products for the great feast that closes every proposed appointment. The seventh edition of "officinaed'arte" features works in Terni, videos and installations by the artist Attilio Quintilii ceramics of Deruta. As usual the event is concluded in the last three days,
Saturday, October 25th with a big party of people open to the public.
Speaking of the territory and the choice of working in events that become an opportunity to meet and exchange for artists, musicians and cultural workers is with great pride that from this event ufficializziamo collaboration with the Terni Jazz Orchestra, the association jazz musicians born in 1999, currently directed by Marco Collazzoni. The 'orchestra consisting of twenty items ensemble is known to be "open" to working with other musicians and instrumentalists. Among the various musical offerings from Terni Jazz Orchestra decided along with his manager who will accompany and dialogue with the works proposed by Attilio Quintilii proposal will be a live performance by the DJ Marco Collazzoni and Titian Ribiscini

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Phone: 0744 196 3179
Email: franco.profilicavourart.it
Website: www.attilioquintili.com

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