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Monday 15 August 2022
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Wiki Loves Perugia

Perugia (PG) - What they have in common the Tower of SCIRI and the cake to the text, the Etruscan Well and the State Archives of Perugia, Palazzo della Penna and the Teatro del Pavone, the church of San Francesco al Prato and the pasta Bridge, the Deposition from the Cross by Federico Barocci and pastries Sandri, Raffaele Rossi and Don Federico Vincenti, Ettore Franceschini and Roberto Abbondanza?

They are all potential of Wikipedia, the encyclopedia of the world's most consulted (did you know that only the voice 'Perugia', in all languages, was visited in 2013 more than a million times?).

Perhaps no one has ever written, or who has tried has not complied with all the - alas complicated - rules of Wikipedia, and has seen his work erased.

Do you want to try to write as it should be, accompanied by the necessary resources?
Do you want help to put in Perugia 'showcase' helping 'wikipedizzare' the city?

Come in Augusta Saturday, March 1, from 9.30 to 13.30, and you will find those who will give you a helping hand thanks to the first edition of 'WIKI LOVES PERUGIA'.

The participation is free of charge (maximum 40 people).
Registration required: send an email to bibliotechepg@comune.perugia.it indicating name, surname, telephone number for further communication.
Consideration will be given the first 40 entries (10 + following names for any cancellations)

The participants (maximum 40 people) are invited to create / edit / add / update / correct Wikipedia entries on topics relating to the city of Perugia, from a list of entries on characters and places in the city are not yet present on Wikipedia.
Drawing on the bibliographic heritage of Augusta will be able to create pages together reliable but also simply to correct a stupid mistake that surely happen to find during the consultation

- Laptop / tablet (WARNING: you will work in pairs on a single computer)
- Enthusiasm, curiosity, desire to work and learn together it will be a busy morning and we hope useful for all

- Free Link
- PC interfaced to the projector to follow along with the 'straight'
- Facilitators computer that will help to decipher the language Wikipedian
- Librarians experts that will help in finding the sources needed to make reliable items
- Experienced photographer (photos / images are important to complete the entries ...)
- A coffee ... is not denied to anyone ;-)
- Certificate of Participation

The day was introduced by a presentation of the Mayor of Perugia and the president of the Italian section of the Wikimedia Foundation.

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[Source: Orvieto OnLine]

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