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Monday 08 August 2022
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Recite the Teatro di Sacco "It 's spring ... Wake up girls, to farms, sir April does rubacuor ... so Silvio Gigli sang the arrival of "the good season," which, with the winds of spring restores strength and energy of nature, infuses in all beings desire to reproduce the stress of life. From this desire, this urgency we started thinking about the projects that look to 2013 and beyond, knowing that the power of ideas, of work, constant collaboration between artists and institutions that make up the galaxy Culture of Perugia and Umbria are the ' only way to emerge from a situation that otherwise seem hopeless.

Here are our suggestions:

Residences Project: Hidden Traits 2013/14
Teatro di Sacco intends to continue along the road began in 1995 at the Sala Cutu, and that has always marked for the attention to the world of innovation and new models of theatrical writing, staging and vision of art, hosting productions independent and copyright, as a kind of incubator for artists and companies who subsequently became well-known as: Motus, Ascanio Celestini, Babylon Theatre, Filippo Timi, just to name a few. Today, under the pressure of the crisis and continuing cuts to the culture you need to experience new formulas that give opportunity for artists to study, experiment and try not only in the logic of mere presence spectacular (see theater season), but providing space and facilities in which to work, create synergies and exchanges. The formula is it the one of the residence, has already been tried with success this season with Deja women, which will be offered in six companies or artists who will live for two weeks in our city and our mel theater, offering in return a presentation of the work that will part of the programming of the Hall Cutu for the year 2013/2014. All this through a call supported by the institutions that were receptive to create opportunities and contacts between artists who come from different geographical and cultural area that.

New Productions 2013/14:
Gruffalo - Children's Theater.
After testing it, in the season IndizJunior 2013 just ended, and had seen the great feedback from our young viewers and their parents, we decided to engage in the production and distribution of national circuit "Gruffalo, the history of the most terrible monster that c 'is "based on the famous and Anglo-Saxon character, which will be presented at the Showcase Theatre Center for Children to be held in Perugia, Italy June 25 to 27 next.

Scazzottando with the Angel
Viviana Salvati, young but already popular playwright tarantina living in Bologna, agreed to discuss, together with Roberto Bevels who will direct, with "Heaven is the Violent" by Flannery O'Connor. It will be the first time that a text of this author of worship in the U.S., but little known in Italy, will be represented in theatrical form in Italy. The sky is the violent is a harsh analysis of the abyss of consciousness where reigning fundamentalism, in a visionary at the same time terrible and crazy, but innervated by a unique sense of humor. The project is already at an advanced stage, and the meetings are taking place to define the interpreters: staff already present video maker Gill French es Dubroca for the video part and Marine Schneider, Swiss, former collaborator of Barberio Corsetti, for the staging .

48 Small
The book by Alvaro Fiorucci published by Morley Publisher, the project 48 Small is for us a summary of what can be achieved by bringing together the creative forces and local business, to create a big production able to compete with the domestic theatrical market . A writer and journalist Alvaro Fiorucci, a director Roberto Bevels, a publisher Morley, a creative enterprise Teatro di Sacco, they decided together to ensure that this book will become a full-bodied theatrical spectacle that will see the light in a prestigious national festival in July 2014. The drama will be entrusted to Sergio Pierattini, said playwright who has enthusiastically joined the project: What starts as a yellow, but turns into a very restless and penetrating investigation of the human soul, trying to catch, among the nodes of this non- truth, possible reasons and strange passions, as to decline that, behind the moral corruption of a group of individuals, there is, first of all, the moral corruption of a system. System that, among other things, search in ways more or less illegal to cover any possible trace of truth, applying a continuous practice of misdirection, notorious in our country. "

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