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Sunday 02 October 2022
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The Bald Soprano

Corciano (PG) - Sunday 2 Febbario at the Teatro Cucinelli SOLOMEO, staged "The Bald Soprano" a tribute to Massimo Castri, reference figure of the theater of war, who died recently. In his latest show, the director tackles for the first time Eugène Ionesco.

The protagonists are two anonymous British couples - the Smiths and the Martins - represented as archetypes of the bourgeoisie; speak but not communicate, merely an exchange of banal phrases and conventional, do not think because they have lost the ability to think, do not express emotions and passions nor shall communicate to the viewers. The result is a paradoxical situation, comic-grotesque in which the characters talk about anything. The enigmatic Bald Soprano, desperately absent, constitutes an additional manifestation of the incoherence; making not ever appear, Ionesco spoof a technique intended to create the mystery around a character which plays an important role in the action, however, even if it plays no role.

Eugène Ionesco
translation Gian Renzo Morteo
Mauro Malinverno, Valentina Banci, Fabio Mascagni, Elisa Cecilia Langone, Sara Zanobbio, Francesco Borchi
director Massimo Castri
in collaboration with Marco Plini
sets and costumes by Claudia Calvaresi
Projects lights Roberto Innocenti
music by Arturo Annecchino

a production of Teatro Metastasio Stabile Tuscany


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